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ASME Bladder Accumulator

Siken ASME Bladder accumulator

Siken Hydraulics has been prviding customers bladder accumulators for mang applications. A bladder accumulator consists of a pressure vessel or shell typically made of steel. Inside the accumulator, there are two main compartments separated by a flexible bladder. One compartment contains hydraulic fluid, while the other compartment contains compressed gas, usually nitrogen.

We are providing the bladder accumumulator from 1Pint to 16.5 Gallon and operating pressures up to 10,000 PSI(690Bar).

As for the rubber bladder materials, we could design and produce all products accumulator with diverse seals such as NBR, HNBR, EPDM(EPR), FPM(Viton), Butyl, Low-temperature NBR etc.

  For non-ASME baldder accumulator, more larger voume is availbale.



·       Volumes:   1 Pint ... 16.5 Gallon

·       max. operating pressure: up to 690 bar (10000PSI)

·       Service temperature:  -40°C ... +200°C

·       Rubber materials:: NBR, HNBR, EPDM(EPR), FPM(Viton), Butyl, Low-temperature NBR etc.

·       Housing materials: Caron steel, Stainless Steel, plastic materials etc...

·       Coatings: Primer, offshore, plastic.

1: SB------Bladder accumulator

2: A--------ASME standard

3: Structure

S---Standard bottom repairable22mm gas port);
SB—Standard type B bottom repairable
50 mm gas port);

T----Top repairable

L----Large flow rate 

4: Maximum pressure

30—3000PSI     50----5000PSI    66---6600PSI

5:Volume (Gallon)

6: Shell materials

C--- Carbon steel

S---Stainless Steel

7: Bladder materials:

N--- NBR



V----Viton (FPM)

HN--- Hydrogenated NBR

LN---Low temperature NBR

8Fluid port



Bottom repairable

Top repairable

SAE split Flange

Large flow rate flange